Installation has always been one of the core aspects of our business. We have been installing car-kits, parking sensors, reversing cameras, and various other automotive products since the early stages of the products being available to the Australian public. This has allowed us to attain a wealth of experience and knowledge that has let us become a leader in the Australian market.

The Right People for the Right Job

Our technicians are highly trained professionals who have a deep understanding of your vehicle, on the inside and out. Our technicians go through rigorous training on all of our products and on all the various techniques required for different vehicles. On top of that, they are fully insured.

After years of offering a warranty on car-kits, we have found the number one reason of the unit faulting stems from a poor installation. That is why we strongly suggest using us for the installation, that way you are fully covered and have an experienced installer that’s going to treat the vehicle like it was his mother’s.

We look at it this way, “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” We are so confident in our work that we even offer a lifetime guarantee on it. That guarantee states “that should a fault occur in your product due to the installation we performed, AW will come out on-site and rectify the fault at our cost.”

One of the benefits of being around for so long is that we have formed quality relationships, not only with our client base, but with suppliers and manufacturers alike, this gives us the added benefit of keeping current with the latest car trends, advancements, and legislation.

Any Place Anytime

Once we’ve helped you find the right products, we set up the perfect time and place for you and your schedule, show up, install the products, and you wouldn’t even know we were there.

So sit back, relax, and let us do the work.